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I'm going to get better at blogging I promise! One post a week minimum. This is an outfit shoot from a week ago, but I'll weave this...

I'm going to get better at blogging I promise! One post a week minimum. This is an outfit shoot from a week ago, but I'll weave this week's story in between. This outfit is in memory of So Cal and its warmth and palm trees and beaches, but I promise I don't look angry on purpose. I had a facial forgetting photo day.

So this summer I'm going to be living in Nor Cal on the floor of my relative's one room apartment. I took the opportunity to get involved in an architecture internship, but I honestly didn't think the rest through too much. I have friends scattered throughout the cities up here but might be worse than Los Angeles. I've been here a week and with the road trip up from San Diego, my mileage is almost at 800 already!

It is actually a lot to adjust to for me, taking a risk and living somewhere where I don't really have friends or know the area at all. And I'm doing it for a job. I feel so strangely adult.

But ultimately, I already see this becoming a great life experience. I will have covered the three biggest cities in California, and can compare and contrast the likes. I will have become a traffic expert, which I thought I could already handle in Los Angeles. I will know the feeling of juggling a job, excercise, friendship and freelance graphic design all at once. And even though I'm not completely sold on the idea of Nor Cal just yet, I can picture myself with this lifestyle after college.

I already like my internship, which I didn't expect actually because I knew it was a 3 person studio with professionals older than me of course. But they have taken me in kindly and have included me as much as possible. I love the area where I work in as well. Its close to downtown San Francisco but not close enough to get muddied with people traffic and loud noise. Well there is a train that crosses...though I feel really safe and happy walking around the area that is full of little artsy studios and lots of coffee shops. and i mean lots. So many shops that my boss actually collects the giant burlap coffee bean bags that are actually just thrown in front of the cafes. And now I am in charge of making a burlap coffee bean bag curtain...all in a week's work literally!

Despite getting a new phone with a much better camera, I still totally forget to take pictures but I promise my 2nd week of work will be documented. And I will try to get in those work outfit shots. Its funny but people don't seem to dress up too much around here. I am pretty much the only one in shorts haha. But I bought a lot of dressy outfits so I'm going to wear them anyways. And on the weekends when I can, I'll crank out my crop tops and high waisted shorts and it'll be just the right amount of So Cal I need.

top: forever 21 turquoise velvet top
shorts: river island ($2 at a thrift store!!!)
shoes: ASOS holographic oxfords

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