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Now, I'll admit I'd rather stay in on Friday and watch movies with my friends than go out. S...

Now, I'll admit I'd rather stay in on Friday and watch movies with my friends than go out. Sometimes, my friends come in hungry and I'm left staring at my cabinet blankly. I don't have many ingredients at hand. But I have found some easy recipes that go great with watching movies and are really simple to make with very few ingredients! Each person can have their own mug and enjoy gooey goodness while watching the screen.

Cinnamon Roll Mug Cakes are simple and can be adorned to look like the real thing! I highly suggest slathering on the glaze.

Now the Nutella Mug Cake has one ingredient that is not a household staple, which is self-rising flour. But I suggest you go out and buy it because Nutella. In a warm cup.

Gluten-Free Cocoa–Banana Mug Cake
Chocolate Banana Mug Cakes are probably a little more healthy right? It's gluten-free and has banana-a fruit-in it.

Paleo Coconut Mug Cake 2
Now this is a "Paleo" Coconut Mug Cake, so it's actually not as bad for you as the others. I happen to have a lot of coconut ingredients in my cabinets because I love coconut, otherwise this contains more ingredients that aren't kitchen staples.

Apple Cinnamon Cupcakes are perfect for using those apples you always have hanging around, you know? I don't actually usually have apples, but I would buy a few for this simple recipe.

And lastly, the classic...

Chocolate Mug Cakes only require 3 INGREDIENTS and are super common and quick to mix. 

Just a few perfect recipes for a movie night when you stay in on a Friday, nice and cozy.

*links to the recipe if you click the photo

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